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July 24 2012

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Non-sign II is an installation by seattle based art collective Lead Pencil Studio located at the Canada-US border near Vancouver. The sculpture is made from small stainless steel rods that are assembled together to create the negative space of a billboard. While most billboards draw attention away from the landscape, Non-sign II frames the landscape, focusing attention back on it.

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April 14 2012

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April 05 2012

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The Wall on the West Bank. by BLU  
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April 02 2012

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March 28 2012

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March 22 2012

creation of adam
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March 18 2012

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February 28 2012

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February 26 2012

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Castle made ​​of oranges and lemons.
Lemon Festival in Menton in 2011
Menton, France.
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February 23 2012

Snow Drawing at Rabbit Ears Pass by Sonja Hinrichsen

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February 22 2012

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February 14 2012

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Business card for dentists designed by Michael Häne & Remo Caminada.
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January 28 2012

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January 02 2012

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January 01 2012

Marlene Hausegger
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December 20 2011

awesome pressure washed street art!

by Strook

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